2020 NuCanoe Frontier 10 with Multi-Seat Base


  • $1,099.00

NuCanoe Frontier 10 with Multi-Seat Base:

The Frontier 10 is the compact fishing kayak  that is perfect for rivers and small lakes+ ponds.  It combines awesome stability and stellar maneuverability, so you can spend more time fishing and less time paddling.

The F10 has a 20″ wide deck, with loads of Freedom Track that can be outfitted as you like.   Stand up or take advantage of the 360 seating to always face the action.  The F10 is motor-ready and pairs perfectly with a PowerPole.  Off the water, its 10′ length makes transporting it a cinch. 

Availability And Shipping:

All Frontier 10's are directly shipped from NuCanoe and made to order.  Please expect up to 3 weeks delivery time for items not in stock.  A shipping fee of $89 applies to all NuCanoe Fishing Kayaks.  If you have any questions please call or text us 970-387-8842


Standard Features:


Length: 10′
Width: 39″
Height: 12-17″
Draft: 3-5″
Hull Weight: 62 lbs
Primary Seating: 1-2 Persons
Max Weight: 500 lbs
Self-Bailing Cap: 350 lbs
Max Power: 2.5HP

Performance Ratings


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