Frontier 10 (F10) NuCanoe Pivot Drive - Pedal System


  • $1,249.00

High performance Plug-N-Play pedal power for the For the F10

In stock and ready to ship.

Quiet, smooth, fast, and super maneuverable, the PIVOT Drive is there when you want it…gone when you don’t!


The PIVOT Drive is a high-performance pedal drive accessory for the F10, Flint, Frontier 12, and Pursuit.



The PIVOT Drive

  1. Is completely an add-on accessory

  2. Does not require an intrusive hole in the deck floor

  3. Provides superior maneuverability and position control and

  4. Preserves a clean, open deck to stand and fish with confidence


Plus, the PIVOT Drive was designed around the existing NuCanoe kayaks, so they perform great without pedals too!

You have the option to paddle, pedal, or use a motor on any NuCanoe model…and the ability to change your propulsion in a matter of minutes.

One kayak that can do everything…now that’s UNLIMITED!

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