2021 NuCanoe UNLIMITED with Custom Height Fusion Seat

  • $1,699.00

2021 NuCanoe UNLIMITED with Custom Height Fusion Seat:

In the NuCanoe UNLIMITED... yes you can!  This kayak was designed to blow through obstacles and give you control. A solid open deck with unlimited rig-ability.  A remarkable hull design that is fast, stable, and prepared for any waters.  Plug& Play ready for pedals, power, and electronics.  The UNLIMITED takes you to the future of kayak fishing and hunting.

Availability And Shipping:

Please call 970-387-8842 to discuss ordering and availability.  Expected January 2022


Performance Ratings:

NuCanoe UNLIMITED Performance Features

Standard Features:

NuCanoe UNLIMITED Features


Length: 12'6"
Width: 41"
Height: 12″
Draft: 3-6″
Hull Weight: 80 lbs
Primary Seating: 1-2
Junior Seating: 1 (Opt)
Max Weight: 600
Max Power: 2.5HP

Fusion Seat - All New!

All new, the Fusion Seat delivers superior comfort and support all day long.  The fabric and frame are fused together for consistent tension and no sagging. Features a recumbent seat bottom and adjustable seatback.  All new Fusion Base is rock solid.  Super simple assembly. Learn more.

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