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Rub Rail Lights

Rub Rail Lights - Kayak Fishing Kit - 6 Lights

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Kayak Fishing Kit

These are one of our top rated kayak fishing light kits. Easy to install, minimal foot print, and have the appropriate brightness for your needs.

Whether your'e looking to install Coastguard compliant navigation lights or just some lights to jazz up your kayak, look no further.

Please comment with your specific lights that you would like during checkout.

  • 6 Flush Mount Kayak LED Lights | Your choice of color for each light
  • 1 Round Rocker Switch Water Proof / Red LED / 20 Amp./ 12V DC
  • 40 ft. of Wire (Red & Black Lot) Gauge Sized for the Application
  • 1 Fuse Holder and Fuse Sized for the application
  • 1 Drill Bit Sized for the Application
  • 14 Solder Splice Connectors 24-22 GA

Light Color Options

  • Amber
  • Black (Ultra Violet)
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White

Please place your light options in the order comments box.  Our sales reps will confirm your selection prior to shipping.

Installation Instructions