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Torqeedo UltraLight Motor

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The Torqeedo Ultralight gets you to your favorite spots faster, and lets you keep moving all day long, so you can maximize every opportunity.  The Ultralight easily mounts to any NuCanoe Kayak and provides precision steering with the custom NuCanoe mounting & control kit. The Torqeedo Ultralight offers reliable performance, an innovative new angler mount and all the high-tech features of a genuine Torqeedo system: GPS built-in, real-time range and runtime display, solar charging and the latest lithium battery technology.

Features the all new QuickConnect Mount – more secure, better performance, easy on + off, and interchangeable with EPS and PIVOT Drive.

Torqeedo Options:

  • Ultralight 403A: ~1HP | 320 Wh Battery

  • Ultralight 403AC: ~1HP | 915 Wh Battery

  • Ultralight 1103: ~3HP| 915 Wh Battery



Ships directly from the manufacturer.  Please expect 2-3 week arrival.